WallWisher is great web2 tool for the classroom. It's SUPER EASY, FREE, there's no sign-in to post/create and the ways to use it are vast! It's a sharable, embeddable bulletin board that you can add sticky notes to along w/images, videos & audio. By adding Vocaroo to the mix, you get a talking bulletin board! Vocaroo is another VERY EASY tool to use that allows anyone to record audio right onto the Vocaroo site and then it gives you a URL & embed code for your recording-and it only takes 3 clicks and there's no sign-in! All you need is a microphone. So how does it work with WallWisher? Well, after recording, you copy the url and paste it into the box at the bottom of your sticky note-giving your sticky a voice! How cool is that?! If you want to learn more about Vocaroo, check out @teachakidd 's blog post. But just go to the site and try it once...it's too easy! For some great ideas on how to use WallWisher, check out 16 Interesting Ways to Use WallWisher in the Classroom by @tombarrett.

Here's an example-this is a wall from one of my 3rd grade teachers. She created it for her students to post to as they begin their study of famous African-Americans. With her permission, I tweeted out the link and asked for others to post. Now her students are sharing outside the walls of their classroom!

-So here are some steps-
1. Go to this wall I created and check it out! Try posting something-simply doube-click on the page, type in your name and that's it! Click my sticky to see how Vocaroo actually works when used in a post.
2. Go set up an account at WallWisher-use your Google ID to sign in if you have one.
3. Make a Wall to use with your class
4. Go to Vocaroo and record instructions for students on how to use the wall.
5. Paste the URL for the recording into a Sticky on your wall.
6. Share your wall via email, embed it on your wiki/blog/website, or tweet it and see if others will post!

If you do create a wall, share the link to it in the comments so others can see what you are doing, get ideas and even leave a note!

Here's what a Vocaroo Recording looks like when you embed it: